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Advanced Mixology Training with Unfiltered

Meridian has partnered with Hospitality, a beverage development and training company, focused on creating better experience in the hospitality industry. They offer world class services in cocktail creation, bartender training, and staff engagement. Together we want to shake up the industry.

This course is designed for interior crew seeking to become highly skilled and in-demand professional bartenders. In one day you will learn the skills, techniques, and methods necessary to create amazing cocktails that will impress and delight your guests and fellow crew members. Unfiltered's award-winning mixologists will teach you proper bartending skills and advanced mixology with ACTUAL hands-on instruction.

What You Get
$1500 $799/person CODE: MERIDIAN799
$5000$2,499 CODE: MERIDIAN2499

Pre-Course Primers to Help You Prepare

Bartending Basic Skills Video & Reference Sheet

Beer, Wine, & Spirits Basics Study Guide

Cocktail Families & History Study Guide

Group Training Knowledge Instruction

Advanced Onboard Hospitality

Station Set Up Best Practices

Ideal Bar Tools & Proper Technique

Advanced Product Knowledge

Group Training Practical Instruction

Foundational + Advanced Bartending Skills

How to Develop Your Yachts Signature Cocktail

Speed Training To Get Faster

Bonus Takeaways To Keep Forever

Curated List of Tools, Supplies, & Equipment Optimized for Yachts

Top 25 Must-Have Pantry Items for Every Yacht

Cocktail Cheat Sheet of 50 Classics

Final Assessments To Guarantee Lessons Learned

Certificate of Completion in Digital & Physical Form

* Up to 4 crew + $349/pp additional

Course Details

Course structure for Individuals are taught classroom style for the knowledge component, and behind a working bar for practical component, and are capped at 12 students per class with one instructor for every four students.

Onboard training will follow the same curriculum, but training location will depend on the size and layout of the vessel and number of participants.

The course is a full day commitment with a lunch break and two mid-section breaks. Classes begin January 2023. For more course details and to reserve your spot for the next class, click "Sign Up Now" below.

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