Meridian RecruiterCloud

Full Service

The crew hiring process reimagined!
Software that connects employers to the top recruiters around the world.

  • One call, use them all!
    Call Meridian to send your job to the best recruitment agencies in the world.
  • Sit back and relax!
    Recruiters work on your behalf to quickly send you their most qualified candidates.
  • Hire!
    Add your next crew member faster and easier than any other solution.

*This service is free to all employers. Simply pay the standard recruitment fee when you hire.

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Meridian DirectHire

Self Service
  • Post your job through your employer account.
  • Thousands of available crew.
  • You verify candidates and hire.
  • Month-to-month plans available*.

Meridian offers an affordable month to month plan that is based on actual usage and not the size of the vessel. You should be rewarded, not penalized, for low crew turnover.

Call us at   +1 (954) 764-8995 Call Me