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04 May 2020

Top 5 Tips to Be a Good Yacht Crew Member

Being a yacht deckhand is a tough, but rewarding job. It teaches you patience, attention to detail, and the importance of hard work. Here are 5 tips that every deckhand should keep in mind, no matter how experienced:

1. Be Respectful

This is not only for guests, but for fellow crew members-exterior AND interior. Being part of a team is being conscious of how you treat one another. With everyone sharing close quarters, even the smallest conflict can throw off the dynamic of the team.If conflict arises, keep your cool, and remember to respect your fellow crew members.

2. Be Positive

Yes, you will be doing a lot of hard work. Wash downs, housekeeping, maintenance, cooking, detailing -sometimes it will seem like there's no end in sight. However, you cannot do your job effectively if you do not have a positive attitude. In the end, all yacht crew are in the hospitality industry, even the captain! If you remain positive in even the toughest situations, your captain, crewmates and guests will notice. Not only do positive vibes affect your career (with glowing references), but also your tips!

3. Be Knowledgeable

Know your way around the boat, how to handle lines, your cleaning products, the proper processes, and department-specific knowledge. Don't be afraid to ask questions and observe senior crew in order to learn as much as you can. Try to accumulate knowledge in not only your department, but other departments as well. Learning how to tie common knots, how to perform washdowns, turndowns, and service can help you work effectively as a team. Also, your broad skillset can be useful in any future job you take

4. Be Professional

Yachting is all about professionalism. You must be professional in your appearance, your attitude, and your work ethic. Although youwill learn industry-specific professionalism as you go, common sense cannot be taught. You were hired to do your job with excellence. You were hired because the captain saw promise in you. Continue your professionalism throughout your whole day, even when guests aren't around (although, it's okay to have a little fun with the crew).

5. Be Patient

Have patience when learning how to work on a yacht. Yachting's daily schedule can be quite repetitive, but being consistent and patient will pay off. You can makeyour way up the ranks through hard work and intense patience. If you're new to the industry, you will not get your dream job right away. That takes years of hard work, experience, and patience. But, keep going-opportunity is out there! Any other crew tips? Tell us below!

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