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07 Jul 2022

Lost And Found Crew

Introducing the team of LAFC Bosun Louis Forsyth, Deckhand Joshua Oliver, and LAFC’s Creative Director Selena Garrahan, who are creating a brand to unite the yachting community through getaways, retreats, and events.

Q. Tell us about your background?

A. We are three long-term friends, Selena, Louis, and Josh. Louis and myself are yachties and Selena is the brand designer who we met while in Barcelona a few years back. Louis is English, Selena is Belgian and I am Australian. We all met 6 months after each other and have connected on a deep level over our over-the-top energy ever since.

Q. How did you get started in the yachting industry?

A. I was doing a ski season in my fourth year of traveling out of high school and I met a superyacht chef while snowboarding on the mountain. She told me about yachting and I was awestruck. I couldn’t believe that this opportunity was achievable for me. I already had my next year planned but I said can I message her in a year. Fast forward 18 months and I messaged her out of the blue and she told me what courses to do and where to stay in a crew house in Florida, then I never looked back.


Q. If a person walked up to you asking for your yachting advice and you only had a few minutes to give ‘em your best tip, what would it be?

A. My best tip is – Kill them with kindness. This industry is hard because you live, eat, go out, and work with all of your friends...and you do this daily, year-round. This means that, while it’s often without malice, sometimes people get short over small things but if you keep a strong face and be kind in return, you’ll see it spread throughout the boat, and people can’t stay mad at someone who is kind to them. Sometimes you don’t feel like behaving like this towards someone who is being rude to you, but they usually know they haven’t acted right and will be grateful you were kind enough to re-direct the mood.


Q. What is LAFC?

A. LAFC is a movement to unite yacht crew across the industry. We constantly heard and experienced the difficulties of moving around all year, not knowing who was going to be where. It made making friends have its diitsulties. Yachties are fun-loving and we all have our commonalities because we’re already crazy enough to decide to go join these boats and float around the world. So we wanted to create an easier way for yachties to connect and live a more conscious life during and after yachting, with more action to take hold of this unique opportunity we have to work and travel around the world.

Q. Did you start with a business plan?

A. Our business plan involved being in the industry and hands-on with the issue we are looking to solve. That being said, we’re very open to change and the direction of our brand constantly changes for the first 6 months as we let our imaginations run wild and this resulted in more iterations than I can remember and dare put a number on. But, through this process, we, had many meetings where we regularly said: “I love the new direction” and it just became something that was constantly refined until we got to where we are now, a crew-orientated brand building a better life together.


Q. Why should the crew join the LAFC? What is your mission/goal?

A. We’re looking for yachties who are looking to take a dive into the next realm of yachting. LAFC is opening the doors for yacht crew to live a life re-imagined. If you’re willing to take a plunge and be part of a brand that’s making audacious moves to bring energy to the industry then we’re for you. As part of this brand the community will have a role in building it, so we want people who are action takers and ready to get involved, we don’t want you to sit on the sidelines, we want you next to us seeing where we can take this.


Q. How does LAFC stand out among other yachting groups?

A. LAFC is in its own ocean. We’ve seen other companies attempt something in a somewhat similar direction to where we’re going but they’re often branches of companies, like crew agents, trying to explore another area. LAFC is being built with this as its only goal and aspiration. That coupled with the fact that we’re in the industry, two of us are currently working on yachts building this brand, hearing first firsthand from our friends and colleagues what they want to see and what would make their life at sea more enjoyable. This is what makes us different, we’re in it with everyone.

Q. What are your passions?

A. My passions for my personal life are heavily around pushing myself out of my comfort zone in new and creative ways. This often makes people think I’m fearless but inside I’m absolutely terrified. This doesn’t always go to plan but it’s something that I try to embody in my life as much as I can. Whether it be learning to solo skydive or starting a business with my friends, I’m always looking to find out more about myself and how I respond to different environments.


Q. Who would be your ideal member?

A. Our ideal member is a yacht crew member, new, or long-standing ex-crew.


Q. How would you encourage others to pursue their passions?

A. This is an aspect we want to create with LAFC. Helping inspire people and allowing the community to grasp their passions and run with them. We will do this by uniting many and inspiring people individually.

Thanks, guys!! Best of luck =)

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