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18 Oct 2023

ACREW: Enhancing Your Yachting Journey

ACREW, the pioneering platform dedicated to enhancing yacht crew careers, has
become an essential hub for industry professionals. With a growing network of over
15,000 members, ACREW offers exclusive benefits and connections that enable crew
members to excel in their yachting careers.

A Thriving Yacht Crew Community
Every yacht crew member should consider becoming a part of the ACREW community,
as it opens doors to a dynamic network of like-minded professionals. Membership goes
beyond an association – it's an opportunity to establish valuable connections, engage in
peer-to-peer learning, and help your career growth. ACREW's platform provides an
exclusive gateway to premium networking events, job openings, and industry insights
that can significantly enhance your journey in the yachting world.

The Prestigious Crew Awards: Celebrating Excellence
As an ACREW member, you will be introduced to exclusive events, including the
celebrated Crew Awards. Recognised globally, the Crew Awards honour the exceptional
achievements of yacht crew members worldwide. It's a chance to be part of an
industry-wide celebration and recognition, an experience that no yacht crew member
should miss.

ACREW's Vision for the Future
But ACREW doesn't stop at networking and recognition – it's committed to shaping the
future of yacht crew career development. This commitment has led to a strategic
partnership with Meridian, an innovative digital platform that aims to redefine yacht
crew recruitment.

ACREW and Meridian: Revolutionising Yacht Crew Recruitment
The strategic partnership between ACREW and Meridian represents a bold step towards
transforming the way yacht crew members find their perfect opportunities. ACREW and
Meridian now offer an ecosystem that optimises the recruitment process for both job
seekers and employers. By combining ACREW's industry expertise and Meridian's.

For more information about the opportunities and how to become a part of this
community, visit and join ACREW and Meridian today.