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07 Apr 2020

5 Common Mistakes Yacht Crew Make During the Job Search

When searching for a job, it's the little things that matter. If you miss something small, it can ruin your chances of getting the job. Here are 5 common mistakes youmight be making during your yacht job search:

1. Not following up with captains/hiring managers

After an interview or phone call, always follow up with a thank-you email or text. Same goes for when you finish a job (even daywork). Following up could equala great reference, and at the very least make you seem very professional!

2. Your CV is not updated on Meridiano Crew Portal

Making sure all your information is up to date is very important! The moment after you finish a job, even if it's just dayworking, be sure to add it to your CV. Got a new certification? Add it to your CV and update your profile! Changing your current location from Antibes to Fort Lauderdale? Update your CV with your current location and local phone number. It could be the difference between getting a call or having your CV thrown in the bin because the captain thinks you're not in town.

3. Not responding to messages

Both crew agents and captains are turned off by this. If you miss a call, email or text, respond to let them know your status. If you've taken another job or not available, just let them know. Trust me, they will remember your behavior if you're ever looking for a job again. Don't burn any bridges, you'll be thankful later down the road!

4. Being too picky with jobs

If you're green or new to the industry, you should be a little more open and flexible with the jobs you take. Experience is everything. In the yacht industry, you need to be constantly learning and growing in your work. Don't turn down an offer because youthink something better will come along. The longer you're not working, the harder it will be to explain the large gap in work experience. For even the most seasoned yachtie veteran, there is always an opportunity to grow and move forward.

5. Not using every possible job resource

There are many different sources to find jobs: Meridiano crew portal, crew agencies, other yacht crew, marinas/shipyards, crew houses, networking events, Facebook groups, and job boards. Although there are often pros and cons to each of these methods, you should look at every possible source to increase your chances of finding a job quickly.

Have you ever made these 5 mistakes? Any others you would add?

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