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On average, each job receives 35 candidates in 72 hours!

Discovery Plan

Only pay when the results meet your standard. Zero commitment

Post a job for free and see all candidates that apply and how well they answer your screening questions by match percentage. Only pay if you want to view profiles and contact crew.

Price: $399 per job post. *RecruiterCloud included!

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Professional Plan

The ideal plan for employers who don't post jobs often

We priced this plan so that every superyacht in the industry can afford to use it alongside their current crew placement solution. This plan is good for any size vessel and comes with 1 free job every 30 days. To post additional jobs, just pay $59 per job.

Price: $59 per month for a minimum of 12 months. *RecruiterCloud included!

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Unlimited Plan

The right plan for employers who post jobs frequently throughout the year

If you frequently post more than 1 job a month, or simply prefer to have no limits in your ability to find crew, call us to discuss a discounted monthly price that will fit within your superyacht's budget.

Price: Call for Pricing *RecruiterCloud included!


*RecruiterCloud is free to use with every plan. Whenever you want to leverage the collective resources of the 10 top recruitment agencies in the world to find you crew, call us! Just pay the standard recruitment fee to the winning agency when you hire.